Intruder. Fraud. Fake. But most of all, WELITE!


First of all, are serious? Is this for real?

I were the first one to ever have this idea on Stardoll and I and the only one who will do it properly. You might as well just give up at once! I WILL bring you down if necessary.

I do not enjoy when welites like her are trying to copy what I do! I guess you can even call it a sort of plagiarism!

The 'Elite protection' thing may be a little cheesy! But I know how it is and I was having fun at the time!

I will talk to you all later! :) Hugs



The beans have spilled...

Who's Elitequeen? Who?

I think I know who...it was directly typed to me though who it is.

What fun this guessing game has been!

Who would have known that I was working for one of my best stardoll friends this whole time!


Kasia wins big, but we all knew it would happen!

On my opinion, Kasia has been through to many rough things. Being hacked, stardoll deleting her account, and just not being able to express herself to the fullest.

Recently she has won CG with an amazing doll:

picture from http://perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com/

She dressed her doll as the mother of Jesus. I am not religious, but love the doll and creativity! No wonder she won!


Short. Sad

Sorry, but there won't be any pictures for this post.

Jenny is gone, and I am actually VERY sad.

I can't even bare to post a picture...maybe later.

Bye Jenny, wish you all the best.


Who are you? Bubblyminty leaving?

Lots and lots to blog about today!


Who is elitequeen? I don't know how many of you ponder this, but I think I devoted a whole day thinking of who she is..

Does anyone think they know who she [or maybe even he] is?


Bubblyminty is leaving? And hosting her own virtual funeral? I wonder if this is for real...maybe
she will return...?




Hacker copies collection?

I don't know much about mizzmileycyrus9, except that she is a suspected hacker, maybe known, but I don't follow those stories that much...

ANYWHO, she has new designs...and they seem quite familiar...

Do these designs seem similar or familiar to you?

Got it yet?

How about now?

Give up?

Maybe it's my opinion, but these two designs seem awfully close...


What do you think about the two designs? Did she copy?


Someone has it out for SaltyDan...

First Jenna, now Dan?! I honestly feel bad for these people have done nothing!

The image [not AS bad as Jenna's]


Does anyone know how to track these comments? This has to be illegal somehow...