Good words put into action!

Yes, so in my previous post, I talked about how I thought it would be nice to have new 'elites'! Well, one of the people who commented, has indeed put her words into action!

The S.U.E Awards
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Me own dear friend pwincessara [Sara] has started this project, and I suggest you all check it out! I myself have already followed the project, knowing it is destined for greatness!


Who are you? AND will you be the next 'elite'?

Sorry for being gone! Anyone miss my posts?

Who are you?

The first story I bring you is about something I have never really deeply thought about.


This post is a must read. From one of stardoll's greatest gossip blogs! If you don't want to read it, the summary is some of our own 'elites' here are VERY similar! Nothing wrong with that! Some people even think some different 'elites' like Isabella.Arci, Noelle_Page, and Bubblyminty are the same person, or is are made by the same one person! The more I read the post, the more it seemed so! But we may never know of course! The posts talks about one (or maybe two) other 'elites' so I suggest you read it!

Will you be the next 'elite'?!

Pictures from http://stardollskingofmedia.blogspot.com/

The picture are from KOM [King of Media] another GREAT stardoll gossip blog!
Basically, we have some 'elites' them self saying how basically it is boring that we hear about the same people! There are PLENT of other fame-starved whores out there! Right? Plenty of people who can style there doll and suites like an 'elite'! Take tropicsweeti, JMJuke, and FashionMonarch! They all have amazing suites+dolls but we don't hear about them a lot do we?

I like the idea of having some new people on the radar :)



The Stardoll Elite List.

LadyGaGaMcQueen and GossipGirl4Real is coming up with a new project called The Stardoll Elite List.

They are giving the chance to people to be in this Elite List.

Here is the information you need to know:

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Gorgeous Outfit of the Week

Here you see the all time Gorgeous Noelle_Page

Look at all these details. You can clearly see that she has been working on this dress for some time. Or maybe she did this quick, she is very talented you know!

This is not really news that our dear Noelle is wearing something stunning and breathtaking like this.

She looks royal and the rest of the outfit is very well put together as the colours are matching perfectly.

Well, I am giving Miss Noelle 5 stars, and I suggest you do so too.

Click HERE to visit her and vote 5 stars.



Sorry Everyone...

Hey everyone, it's Lindsay. I won't be writing for a while due to a death. I'm sorry.

R.I.P. Dylan, gone but never forgotten<3


Christina is back!

Yes! One of my very own special friends has returned to DollyWood! Better then ever I should say! Miss Christina [Gweneee] has returned blowing us away with her outfit, as usual!



Kasia IS back...

So you read the title right, Kasia [UndamyUmbrellla] is back. Apparently returning, and no longer selling her designs...

Welcome backxx



Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone! It's me, Lindsay, otherwise known as xxdrivebylove. EliteQueen has so nicely allowed me to write for this blog, so please welcome me :) I'll be writing about all things Dollywood; the gossip, clothing disasters, anything! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks guys


What do you think?

Kasia [UndamyUmbrellla] has been deleted.


Well remember when I posted about her new designs? How I just loved them, well I thought they were unique, risky, a bit slutty yes, but special! They were so different, yet in-style!

Well apparently stardoll saw them as 'Badness'. They saw the tear, saw the nipple, and all they could do was delete her. It's quite sad to be honest!

Picture from perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com

It was risky though. I knew it had to end bad one way or another...I just never had the time to post that in the last post! I suggest going to perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com where they have a nice post about it.

What do you think about the design?

It's too bad she is gone. I wanted to buy one...



What the hell? A MUST READ!

Fame seeker.

We all know Ms.Alexapie90(and her many other accounts) for trying to become 'Elite'

This has officially gone too far. She has gone running to Madworld's guestbook desperate as ever. Their comment? He has remained good, and clean! Hers? They went from nice, to...nasty:

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Wanna see the fabulous green dress she mentioned?

Could her cleavage get any bigger? This is truly pathetic. This is a virtual site people!

OH! You want to see her presentation? Get ready for this:

Wow. All I can say is wow...and What the hell :) Hun, I have never really heard an 'elite' call themselves elite. You must really be special Alexa, or Tiffany, or whatever you sai
d your name was.

WAIT! THERE'S MORE! It's like finding that prize in the bottom of your cereal!

Then she has enough nerve to go to Ghandoora's guestbook!

This chick just doesn't stop. It makes me mad, we used to be friends...

Oh well, people change.




So one of our beloved 'Elites' here on dollywood UndamyUmbrellla is now designing! I have to say I j'adore the designs, and when I see one in a color I like, I will be the FIRST to buy it! I really like how many members have taken an interest to designing lately:

By the way, the only reason I use quote marks ['] around the word elites is because I truly believe that everyone is equal. Stardoll's 'elites' are only a little bit more know, that's it, so please don't be rude about it :)



Lolita is back.

Don't believe me? Click here.


I just want everybody to know!

Today I got a guest book message from some one who calls them selves 'EliteKing'

I do NOT know this boy/man! I just want everybody to know that! 
I am taking this seriously and as I am saying on my presentation (He copied my presentation); ''This is exlusive. It is only me'' and that is true! As I said, I take this seriously and want to be seen like a serious person who's intentions is right and good for the Elites of Stardoll! 

I am willing to be his friend and let him be my associate/partner in this IF he takes this AS serious as I do (I doubt that though)...

(Click to enlarge)

He does NOT look like a king if you ask me. He needs some 'Stardoll surgery' (Beauty Parlor treatment) and new clothes if he wants to 'be with me' and 'click' with me. 

And one more thing:

Who does she think she is??? Elite? I do not think so...

Tell me what you think of this whole deal in the comment section below!



When will she stop?

Appearantly Alexa is not going anywhere. She is still here, ugly as ever!



Wheres Lolita?

So, the title says it all... Where is Lolita?

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Looking nice, not to mention classy!

Hello my little wonderful readers! Oh the outfit I bring you today!

Today's Pick: Zoe_COUTURE

Wow. J'ADORE this outfit! 4.9/5! I love the color scheme, and the handbag definitely ties this whole look together. There isn't much to say except how classy the outfit is.


Wow x2! Has anyone else noticed how Zoe(above) is so 'new' to the website...? She seems so...what's the word...experienced?