What do you think?

Kasia [UndamyUmbrellla] has been deleted.


Well remember when I posted about her new designs? How I just loved them, well I thought they were unique, risky, a bit slutty yes, but special! They were so different, yet in-style!

Well apparently stardoll saw them as 'Badness'. They saw the tear, saw the nipple, and all they could do was delete her. It's quite sad to be honest!

Picture from perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com

It was risky though. I knew it had to end bad one way or another...I just never had the time to post that in the last post! I suggest going to perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com where they have a nice post about it.

What do you think about the design?

It's too bad she is gone. I wanted to buy one...


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