I just want everybody to know!

Today I got a guest book message from some one who calls them selves 'EliteKing'

I do NOT know this boy/man! I just want everybody to know that! 
I am taking this seriously and as I am saying on my presentation (He copied my presentation); ''This is exlusive. It is only me'' and that is true! As I said, I take this seriously and want to be seen like a serious person who's intentions is right and good for the Elites of Stardoll! 

I am willing to be his friend and let him be my associate/partner in this IF he takes this AS serious as I do (I doubt that though)...

(Click to enlarge)

He does NOT look like a king if you ask me. He needs some 'Stardoll surgery' (Beauty Parlor treatment) and new clothes if he wants to 'be with me' and 'click' with me. 

And one more thing:

Who does she think she is??? Elite? I do not think so...

Tell me what you think of this whole deal in the comment section below!


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