What the hell? A MUST READ!

Fame seeker.

We all know Ms.Alexapie90(and her many other accounts) for trying to become 'Elite'

This has officially gone too far. She has gone running to Madworld's guestbook desperate as ever. Their comment? He has remained good, and clean! Hers? They went from nice, to...nasty:

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Wanna see the fabulous green dress she mentioned?

Could her cleavage get any bigger? This is truly pathetic. This is a virtual site people!

OH! You want to see her presentation? Get ready for this:

Wow. All I can say is wow...and What the hell :) Hun, I have never really heard an 'elite' call themselves elite. You must really be special Alexa, or Tiffany, or whatever you sai
d your name was.

WAIT! THERE'S MORE! It's like finding that prize in the bottom of your cereal!

Then she has enough nerve to go to Ghandoora's guestbook!

This chick just doesn't stop. It makes me mad, we used to be friends...

Oh well, people change.


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