Who are you? AND will you be the next 'elite'?

Sorry for being gone! Anyone miss my posts?

Who are you?

The first story I bring you is about something I have never really deeply thought about.


This post is a must read. From one of stardoll's greatest gossip blogs! If you don't want to read it, the summary is some of our own 'elites' here are VERY similar! Nothing wrong with that! Some people even think some different 'elites' like Isabella.Arci, Noelle_Page, and Bubblyminty are the same person, or is are made by the same one person! The more I read the post, the more it seemed so! But we may never know of course! The posts talks about one (or maybe two) other 'elites' so I suggest you read it!

Will you be the next 'elite'?!

Pictures from http://stardollskingofmedia.blogspot.com/

The picture are from KOM [King of Media] another GREAT stardoll gossip blog!
Basically, we have some 'elites' them self saying how basically it is boring that we hear about the same people! There are PLENT of other fame-starved whores out there! Right? Plenty of people who can style there doll and suites like an 'elite'! Take tropicsweeti, JMJuke, and FashionMonarch! They all have amazing suites+dolls but we don't hear about them a lot do we?

I like the idea of having some new people on the radar :)


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