By the way, this graphic was made by lsdluciana! All credit goes to her.

So does anyone remember that attention seeker Snobs.Exposed? She would basically take nice people, usually Elites, and completely T-R-A-S-H-E-D their reputations!

Well either Stardoll noticed her, or she got reported enough...

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Remember, what goes around comes around...



Outfit of the day

I am a new writer here! So happy! Wanna know more about me? Contact me.

So for my first post, and many more, I mostly want to do stunning outfits worn by Stardoll's Elites.

Today's Pick: Bubblyminty

I really love how everything matches. The colors are simple, gold and black. Her outfit today is a 4.5/5, not to mention that her suite is a 5/5. I think what really completes the outfit is the Rios hotbuys purse.

Be sure to check back tomorrow! Comment.



Horrible person.

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So, let me explain this conversation me and ''Olga'' had (I will not mention her name).

Guestbook comment 1: The reason I only replied with ''Horrible blog'' is that the post (And the blog too for that matter) was horrible. They wrote horrible things about me. I won't take it.

Guestbook comment 2: I just really don't care. I have gotten the impression that Jenny likes me so I will go with that and I really do not give any thoughts to what ''Olga'' has to say on the matter.

Guestbook comment 3: YES you could really need a life ''Olga''. ||| I am NOT being rude to 'Non Elites' as she call them, I am ONLY rude to people who are rude to me or the Elites. Get it in your head ''Olga''. And I really do not think you are the right person to come to me saying ''Go ahead, waste your life on Stardoll'' just saying...

Guestbook comment 4: Ok, is she really saying that as long as the blog she is posting RUDE things about other people is called a 'Gossip blog' that it is okay and we have no reason to be mad? I don't think so ''Olga''  this is NOT how the world works, not even 'Stardoll world'. And your whole post was based on a post bubblyminty had done for MDM...

Guesbook comment 5: This comment was so random and out of line. Who do you think you are coming to MY guestbook telling me to go to one of the persons I hate the most on Stardoll (''Olga'' called me her friend, not ok) and ask her to stop being who she appearantly is, trust me I have tried. And at this point I really do not care who owns ''snobs.exposed'' I have lost my interest...

Guestbook comment 6: Is she really this dumb? I don't control anyone! And I never act like I rule anybody!

Guestbook comment 7: She is running around bragging about being a Diva and a Bitch. I think i have to pull my first 'WTF'... And she actually think her ''friends'' like her... Ok. 

Guestbook comment 8: I like my hair.



Hello Fellow Stardollians

So I made the blog you all wanted :)
Will come more soon.