Horrible person.

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So, let me explain this conversation me and ''Olga'' had (I will not mention her name).

Guestbook comment 1: The reason I only replied with ''Horrible blog'' is that the post (And the blog too for that matter) was horrible. They wrote horrible things about me. I won't take it.

Guestbook comment 2: I just really don't care. I have gotten the impression that Jenny likes me so I will go with that and I really do not give any thoughts to what ''Olga'' has to say on the matter.

Guestbook comment 3: YES you could really need a life ''Olga''. ||| I am NOT being rude to 'Non Elites' as she call them, I am ONLY rude to people who are rude to me or the Elites. Get it in your head ''Olga''. And I really do not think you are the right person to come to me saying ''Go ahead, waste your life on Stardoll'' just saying...

Guestbook comment 4: Ok, is she really saying that as long as the blog she is posting RUDE things about other people is called a 'Gossip blog' that it is okay and we have no reason to be mad? I don't think so ''Olga''  this is NOT how the world works, not even 'Stardoll world'. And your whole post was based on a post bubblyminty had done for MDM...

Guesbook comment 5: This comment was so random and out of line. Who do you think you are coming to MY guestbook telling me to go to one of the persons I hate the most on Stardoll (''Olga'' called me her friend, not ok) and ask her to stop being who she appearantly is, trust me I have tried. And at this point I really do not care who owns ''snobs.exposed'' I have lost my interest...

Guestbook comment 6: Is she really this dumb? I don't control anyone! And I never act like I rule anybody!

Guestbook comment 7: She is running around bragging about being a Diva and a Bitch. I think i have to pull my first 'WTF'... And she actually think her ''friends'' like her... Ok. 

Guestbook comment 8: I like my hair.


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